Visiting Brussels…

Illustration by the delightfully talented Josephine.

At an excellent Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) women’s event last night (review to follow) I was telling my friends about going to a conference in Brussels last week. I loved Brussels and had a great time but based on what I told them about the trip the ‘other’ Antoinette was not impressed. I left with the following scribbled on a bit of paper and promised I would share it on our blog as a warning to you all.

5 top reasons not to go to Brussels, by guest blogger the ‘other’ Antoinette.

1.They burn your hand with molten waffle sugar
2.They won’t let you through security with camembert
3.They suggest, as an alternative, you go and eat the whole camembert quickly and come back to security
4.They don’t provide crackers, pickle or even a plate to let you do this
5.They fill you up with excellent conference food [and waffles] before the airport so you don’t even want to eat the camembert

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One thought on “Visiting Brussels…

  1. Well, just because the Belgians invented mayonnaise on chips it does not give them the right to exploit that ill-defined airport line between liquid and solid! Camembert is clearly the latter, otherwise it would be served in a glass with a straw. Yes we’ve all devoured one with a spoon, but a straw? Never!
    Anyway, I am extremely honoured to be named as a guest blogger on Mixed Pickle (even if all I did was cheekily jot down the funniest parts of Hannah’s account). If I remember correctly all that ale had a detrimental effect on my handwriting, so very well done on the transcription. And Jo has managed to capture your pain and frustration at the lost cheese beautifully.
    Keep up the good work guys! Looking forward to the CAMRA review.

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